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Benny V & SolaLotus on Mars

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QBassUltimate Anthology

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Benny V & SolaSniper / Goodbye Rose

subbaselp15d subbaselp15d

Various ArtistsOriginal Junglist The Album Vol 2

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Marvellous CainDriver

subbaselp18d subbaselp18d

Various ArtistsSUBBASE PROGRESSION - The Annual - Vol One

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Hard Disk RecordsDubplate Business Collection - Mad Worries

subbaselp16d subbaselp16d

Various ArtistsRaved In The 90's The Album

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Various ArtistsOriginal Junglist The Album

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Q BassHardcore Will Never Die (Remixes)

subbaselp12d subbaselp12d

The Noise Of ArtThe Retrospective Album

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Cool Hand Flex & MC FatsAnytime Ya Buzzin / Anytime (Quality Controller)

boogielp1dx boogielp1dx

Boogie TimesThe Album

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Marvellous Cain (aka Badman) & DBHWanted Dead Or Alive - VIP Remix

subbaselp9dx subbaselp9dx

Krome & TimeAnthology

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HardwareNight In Paris

boogie016d boogie016d

Aston & DJ QuicklungRaggamuffic Soliders EP

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Benny V & K WarrenMeans Nothing feat. Thomas Jules

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Various ArtistsDrum & Bass Selection 6 - Collectors Edition

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AKASThe Meaning

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Cool Hand FlexDe Underground EP

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Undercover Agent / M.T.S.Juice Records 4 Track EP

subbase97dx subbase97dx

Splash - BabylonBabylon Remixes EP

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Cool Hand Flex & MC Singing FatsAnytime (Quality Controller)

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Various ArtistsSplash Recordings 4 Track EP

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Various ArtistsSub Plate Vol 6

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Noise Of ArtCascade

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DJ Dextrous aka King Of The JungleCHARGED REMIXES

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Marvellous CainJungle Funk EP

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Various ArtistsJuice Records & Splash Records - Foundation Collection

subbaselp8dx subbaselp8dx

Marvellous CainReturn Of The Hitman

subbase102 subbase102

AKASClear The Path feat. MC Moose

subbase78d subbase78d

D'CruzeHidden Tracks EP

boogie15d boogie15d

Disciples Of The WatchDance In Peace EP

subbase86d subbase86d

DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy KeithThe Kings Of The Jungle

subbase85d subbase85d

Dead DredBack From The Dred EP

subbase83d subbase83d

D'CruzeWatch Out

boogie014d boogie014d

Aston Presents Pirate Jams and QuicklungKnow The Score / 4evr

subbase87d subbase87d

Various ArtistsSubplates Vol. 5

subbase88d subbase88d

Various ArtistsSubbase & Friends EP

boogie013d boogie013d

Timebase feat. KromozoneUnity / Fireball

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Krome & TimeThe Lost & Found Tapes

subbase80d subbase80d

Marvellous CainThe Dubplate EP

subbase76 subbase76

D'CruzeLand Speeder / Find My Way

subbase75 subbase75

Remarc2:01 / Stick 'Em Up

subbase74 subbase74

Mampi SwiftAnalogue

subbase73 subbase73

Various ArtistsClub Saturn

subbase72 subbase72

Ill FigureUntouchable / Style

subbase71 subbase71

Intalex Productions present The XTurn Da Lites Down / New Dawn V.I.P.

subbase70 subbase70

Mampi SwiftOld Song / On The Beat Remix

subbase69r subbase69r

RemarcIn Da Hood (Remix) / Single Finga Killa

subbase69 subbase69

RemarcIn Da Hood / You And Me

subbase68 subbase68

Dream TeamRaw Dogs Relik / X-Flies

subbase67 subbase67

PascalMovin' On / Like Dat

subbase66 subbase66

Mampi SwiftOn The Beat / Little Touch

subbase65 subbase65

CharmaineI Get What I Want

subbase64 subbase64

The JokerTonic's Jazz Lick / Utopia

subbase63 subbase63

Marvellous CainChewbacca

subbase62 subbase62

The Dream TeamJust A Little Hip Hop

subbase61 subbase61

The Undercover Agent & KriminalWorld Mash Up / Jah Works

subbase60 subbase60

Basic MovementsJelly

subbase59r subbase59r

Cutty RanksLimb By Limb / The Return

subbase59 subbase59

Cutty RanksLimb By Limb

subbase58 subbase58

Mikey JamesDo You Dream / The Rhys Project

subbase57 subbase57

PureAnything Test

subbase56 subbase56

Various ArtistsSubplates Volume 4

subbase55 subbase55

Skeng GeeConnections

subbase54 subbase54

Sound StationSound Station / Lost in Sound

subbase53 subbase53

D'CruzeAre We In / Heaven

subbase52 subbase52

Johnny JungleKilla Sound / What's On Ya Mind

subbase50r subbase50r

RemarcR.I.P. (Remixes)

subbase50 subbase50

RemarcR.I.P / Ice Cream & Syrup

subbase49r subbase49r

The Dream TeamStamina

subbase49 subbase49

The Dream TeamStamina

subbase48 subbase48

SpongeThe Crash / Shabbutz

subbase47 subbase47

Marvellous CainDub Plate Style / Jump Up

subbase46 subbase46

Sophisticated Bad BoyzFeel The Magic

subbase45 subbase45

Mikey JamesNice 'N' Deep / Mello

subbase44r2 subbase44r2

Johnny JungleJohnny '94 (Dillina and Noise of Art & Double D Remixes)

subbase44r subbase44r

Johnny JungleJohnny '94 (Origin Unknown & Droppin' Science Remixes)

subbase44 subbase44

Johnny JungleJohnny '94 (Pascal & Kings Of The Jungle Remixes)

subbase43 subbase43

D'CruzeLonely / Chronic Breaks

subbase41r subbase41r

Lick Back OrganisationManic Musik / Ruff N Rugged Remixes

subbase40 subbase40

Flex N FatsSomebody / Ya Buzzin Again

subbase39 subbase39

Boogie Times TribeMy Soul

subbase38r subbase38r

DJ HypeRoll The Beats Remix

subbase38 subbase38

DJ HypeRoll The Beats

subbase37 subbase37

Various ArtistsSubplates 3

subbase36r2 subbase36r2

DJ DextrousDa Kings Of The Jungle Part Three

subbase36r subbase36r

DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy KeithDa Kings Of The Jungle Part Two

subbase36 subbase36

DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy KeithDa Kings Of The Jungle Part One

subbase35r subbase35r

The Noise Of ArtRollin' Deep..

subbase35 subbase35

The Noise Of ArtRollin Deep... In The Realm Of The Purple Diamond

subbase34r subbase34r

D'CruzeWatch Out

subbase34 subbase34

D'CruzeWatch Out

subbase32r subbase32r

DJ Rap & AstonJeopardy (Remixes)

subbase32 subbase32

DJ Rap & AstonJeopardy

subbase31r subbase31r

QBass feat. Skeng GeeGun Connection (Remixes)

subbase31 subbase31

QBass feat. Skeng GeeGun Connection

subbase30r subbase30r

Johnny JungleFlammable (Remixes)

subbase30 subbase30

Johnny JungleFlammable

subbase29 subbase29

Various ArtistsSubplates Volume 2

subbase28r subbase28r

DJ HypeThe Trooper

subbase28 subbase28

DJ HypeThe Trooper

subbase27r subbase27r

Boogie Times TribeReal Hardcore / The Dark Stranger (Remixes)

subbase27 subbase27

Boogie Times TribeReal Hardcore / The Dark Stranger

subbase26r subbase26r

DJ Krome & Mr. TimeThe Slammer (Remixes)

subbase26 subbase26

Krome & TimeInto The Night / The Slammer

subbase25r subbase25r

D'CruzeBass Go Boom / Want You Now (Remixes)

subbase25 subbase25

D'CruzeBass Go Boom

subbase24 subbase24

Various ArtistsSubplates Volume 1

subbase23r subbase23r

DJ Rap & AstonVertigo (Q Bass Remixes)

subbase23 subbase23

DJ Rap & AstonVertigo

subbase21 subbase21


subbase20r subbase20r

DJ HypeShot In The Dark (Remixes)

subbase20 subbase20

DJ HypeShot In The Dark

subbase21r subbase21r

QBassFunky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) / Deepa (NRG Remix)

subbase17r subbase17r

D'CruzeWorld Within A World (Remix) / I Believe (92 Revamp)

subbase17 subbase17

D'CruzeWorld Within a World

subbase13 subbase13

Rachel WallaceTell Me Why

subbase013r subbase013r

Rachel WallaceTell Me Why (Remixes)

subbase011r subbase011r

Krome & TimeThis Sound Is For The Underground (Remixes)

subbase011 subbase011

Krome & TimeThis Sound Is For The Underground

subbase007 subbase007

Q BassHardcore Will Never Die

subbase006r subbase006r

M&M feat. Rachel WallaceI Feel This Way

subbase006 subbase006

M&M feat. Rachel WallaceI Feel This Way

subbase005 subbase005

Q-BassDancing People

subbase002 subbase002

M&MDon't Stand In My Way

subbase001 subbase001

KromozoneThe Rush