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Picture Disc
12" Vinyl £19.99

Boogie Times Records returns with this incredibly rare release as a fantastic looking collectible 'picture disc' must-have release.

The Legendary Boogie Times Record Store founded in 1989 which gave birth to rave and jungle pioneering label Suburban Base also released under the Boogie Times imprint itself as a sister label to the illustrious SubBase.

DJ Krome & Mr Time were making so many big tunes during this period that we found that to schedule all those great releases they had to be separated onto a second label under another guise, this gave us the very rare Krome & Time alias Timebase feat Kromozone. Which has become one of the most revered tracks in the catalogue. Much requested and in demand but has never been repressed since its initial 1991 release!

Not only is this a fitting release to start of a new era of Boogie Times Records, it also allows us to set history straight, when you realize that it is the song 'Unity' that formed the entire basis for the Garage Anthem 'A Little Bit Of Luck', and it is well over due that Krome & Time get the credit they deserve!

With a continuation of the original catalogue numbers this is the first Boogie Times release since 1993. This incredible collectible picture disc proudly wears a faithful replica of the original label artwork looking like a huge, oversized label. Amazing!

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