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Tribute to MC Duke RIP
12" Vinyl £16.99

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MC Duke aka The Darkest Knight EP

We honor our brother MC Duke, Kashif Adham, a true legend in the music scene and the Godfather of UK Rap.

This incredible limited edition tribute vinyl picture disc celebrates MC Duke's legacy. He began working with us in the early '90s and became the most prolific artist on our Suburban Base sister imprint, Boogie Times, before we collaborated with his own label, Hard Disk. This stunning picture disc features some of his rarest releases from Hard Disk, which have never been reissued since their original pressings in the '90s. Together, we meticulously planned and remastered these amazing tracks before Duke's unfortunate passing. He was so excited for you to enjoy these tunes once again.

MC Duke's unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication to music throughout his life solidified his status as a true legend in the UK music scene. He made significant contributions to UK music, from Hip Hop and Rap to Hardcore and Jungle. Let’s remember the man and his music!

This 4 track EP includes all tracks from The Darkest Knight HARDDISK 004 plus the promo only white label My Sound (HD7) which has sold for as much as £95 on discogs although none have been available for over four years since 2020

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