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SUBPLATES Vol 6 - Marvellous Cain, Dead Dread, Cool Hand Flex, Badman & DBH
12" Vinyl £12.79 £15.99 20% discount


Forthcoming on Subbase Progression is the all new SUBPLATES Vol 6 EP. The iconic series of releases from the first wave of SubBase now sees a brand new 4 track EP dropping soon as a stunning picture disc.

Way back in 1993, Suburban Base Records launched the Sub Plates series, a homage to the dubplate culture of early jungle music, it was even released in the 10 inch vinyl format to reflect the acetate plates DJs were playing.

Now in 2022 the way we consume music has evolved, DJs are no longer playing the 10 inch dubs, and the average vinyl buyer is a collector and connoisseur of great music. This iteration of the Subplates series reflects this change. Aimed squarely at the vinyl collectors Subplates Vol 6 is presented as a stunning double-sided picture disc.

Incredible art direction has long been a hallmark of Suburban Base and this release definitely delivers with one of the most stunning looking releases ever from the label. Instantly recognisable as SubBase with the cool graffiti/street art style mural and including the labels original & iconic SB logo within the design.

There is more to this release than just an eye-catching design though, imprinted into the grooves of this collectible limited edition vinyl are 4 brand new tracks from some of the labels most recognised artists!

Marvellous Cain, Dead Dread, Cool Hand Flex, Badman & DBH each bring a track to this new format Sub Plates release. Original jungle vibes & flavours bought bang up to date for 2022. 

Sweet Ting by Marvellous Cain is currently getting radio support from Rampage on BBC Radio 1, Heartless Crew on BBC 1Xtra, and international club support from Brazilian turntable wizard DJ Marky.

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