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6 x 12" Vinyl £109.99

THE SUBURBAN BASE 30th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET IS HERE! The ultimate collectible must have item for every dance music fan from Rave to DnB.

Suburban Base Records as a label played an integral part in the evolution of Hardcore and Rave through to Jungle and Drum & Bass, this is just a small snapshot of that unique role and journey in genres.

An incredibly high quality package with 6 VINYL EPs cut for DJ quality and levels of volume, with over two thirds being unreleased and exclusive VIP versions! Alongside remastered in-demand classics restored from their original source DAT tape pre-masters recorded directly from Subbase Studios.

The cover sleeve artwork takes inspiration from the very first ever Suburban Base album - the 1992 release 'Subbase For Your Face', with a stunning brand new hand drawn illustration from our original in-house artist the legendary Nodz, with echoes of previous Suburban Base artwork designs. This time the title fonts being highlighted in gold for this celebratory box set in contrast to the original albums silver. The attention to detail is second to none.

This unique collectible is in stock now and ready to ship, we do ask that you limit your purchase to 2 copies max per person so as to make it fair to everyone to get a chance to get a copy. We have a 500 allocation of these and will be doing them as two timed drops, again to spread the sales in a sense of fairness. 

This album will not be released digitally separately from the box set purchase. And this pressing run will NEVER be repeated. 

A truly incredible collectible and investment. Sometimes something comes along that you never knew you needed in your life until you see it, and you instantly know that this is something you cannot live without. The Suburban Base Anniversary Box Set is that must have album!

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